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Our Interim CFO Services fill in the gap of your vacant CFO’s chair from the time of his absence until a new one is hired. With our highly qualified and experienced professionals onboard, you don’t have to worry about your finances. They will take over the steering and accelerate your financial position in the top gear.

While your obligated CFO is out of the picture, save the effort and time of hiring a proficient CFO for your company. Hiring our interim CFO will save your resources and also get an expert onboard with no effort!

Our flexible interim CFO will relieve you from the pressure encompassing you and provide you with the right financial vision. We bring you the right proportion of knowledge and experience that doesn’t ask for a fat paycheck like your CFO did.

Reasons to hire an Interim CFO

1. Interim CFO is flexible

Flexibility is the main advantage you gain by hiring an expert Interim CFO. Their flexibility is your freedom to get the work done whenever you need. And they know exactly how to deal with the ever-changing financial conditions. Get your work done at your said time and pay only for what you require.

2. They are seasoned and know what to do

Interim CFOs come with the knowledge and experience required to get you past all your difficulties. Hiring an Interim CFO in the middle of your financial turmoil won’t bother them. They’re well-experienced to quickly adapt, analyze the conditions and work right away.

3. Their work is equivalent to a full-time CFO

Are you experiencing a financial turbulence and have no CFO on board? Hiring a new one seems like a tedious job. Instead, try hiring an Interim CFO to resume the pending work and also get the services of a full-time CFO!

4. No paying hefty paychecks for a CFO

Stuck on the thought of hiring an Interim CFO but worried about what price tag they may come with? Interim CFOs act as your full-time CFO but charge you substantially less. Thus, hiring their inexpensive services will help you improve your financial circumstances without burning a hole in your pocket.


When to hire an Interim CFO?

Your business is running at a great pace and suddenly you are stuck because of the unexpected departure of your CFO. There’s no smartness in letting your business suffer due to the gap. Hiring a new CFO in a short time can be a challenging task. It’s difficult to find someone with the same competencies as that of your old CFO who was well-versed with your financial state.

Not having a CFO for even a short span of time can be harmful to your business. Interim CFO fills in the gap from the time of departure of your CFO till the start date of your new one.

When is the right time to hire an Interim CFO?

  1. When your CFO has departed from your organization
  2. Your company is going through a Merger & Acquisition procedure
  3. You are restructuring your business and need financial assistance
  4. Need an expert on an important upcoming project and to resolve any financial glitches.
  5. Startups and rapidly growing business can benefit from Interim CFO.


Why choose us?

CFO Services is based in Mumbai providing its services across India. We provide well-experienced Interim CFOs that work towards giving you all that you ask for. Our team of experts has the right blend of experience and knowledge that would reap you huge benefits.

Your search for an Interim CFO ends right here!

We at CFO Services bring you a bundle of services at your convenience and at an affordable price.

We also offer a free audit for you to know your current position.

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