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22 Oct
cfo services for start-ups

CFO Services for Start-ups! Get in touch now!

When it comes to start-ups, managing finances is extremely crucial. For a lot of start-ups, the shortage of funds is nothing new. However, they also have to accelerate their business at full speed with these funds. This can be a difficult proposition for many, especially without the right personnel. CFO services for start-ups are among […]

29 Aug

START-UP SERIES – 1 A Tech Co-Founder..Boon or Bane for Start-ups ?

‘START-UPS’ is the buzz word in the world economy today. With the innumerable benefits and subsidies being declared, Start-ups have become an attractive proposition for the new age entrepreneur. This has given rise to a whole new segment of advisors offering targeted start-up advisory services. Integration of technology with traditional businesses has been one of […]