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18 Mar

Cash Flow – An important MIS tool

Many small and medium entrepreneurs don’t avail of MIS reports for their business. Among the available MIS reports, Cash Flow is an important tool that can benefit business entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are unaware about what exactly Cash Flow is and how to prepare the Cash Flow Report. Every entrepreneur asks this question “Am I making […]

18 Dec
CFO Sevrvices

The Secret to Growth is Helping Others Grow

Background: In 2006, we met a passionate entrepreneur with great ideas. He wanted to try new things and create a business that would make a difference. Even with great ideas, this young gun didn’t know nuances of running a business. Meeting with CFO Services: He met one of the partners of CFO Services at a […]

Outsource Accounting Services

Currently, with the fast-paced lifestyle and business module, the trend in organizational culture has shifted to the use of technology with minimal staff. No one has enough time to look after the accounts and evaluate the business, since the main focus of the senior management is to expand and grow the business as well as […]

22 Oct
what to look for when hiring a cfo

[Top 11] What to Look for When Hiring a CFO?

A CFO is a critical resource in every organisation. However, it is equally important to choose the right CFO partner for your business to reap maximum benefits. A lot of businesses are not aware of what to look for when hiring a CFO. By paying attention to certain important points, businesses can find the perfect […]