Outsourced CFO Services


Outsourced CFO Services will help you analyze your company’s financial weaknesses and strengths. They will also suggest you a strategic plan and help you in growing your business.

If you’re occupied with all the non-core activities and are suffering heavily from negligence towards your core business, consider hiring an expert outsourced CFO firm like us. With us by your side, you and your business will be in a better position to compete in terms of financial position.

Outsourcing CFO Services is the smartest choice you’ll ever make. Know more about Outsourced CFO Services here.

Our outsourced CFO services provide you with flexible and customizable services. Our team of financial experts is well-experienced and aims towards giving you the best results.

A growing business requires a strong financial backup and creating it must be left to the experts. Also, you cannot spend a fortune on just improving your capital by hiring a full-time CFO.

Consider hiring our outsourced CFO services that’ll deliver the desired results without burning a hole in your pocket!


Reasons to outsource your CFO Services for large, medium and small businesses

1. An outsourced CFO service is inexpensive

Hiring a full-time CFO may cost you a lot. Plus, an in-house CFO will offer you the same services that our outsource CFO expert will. So why spend more when you can enjoy all the benefits and high-quality work at an affordable price?

Also, you will save more money as you won’t have to pay for your CFO’s health and retirement benefits.

2. Carries a fresh perspective towards financial turbulence

When you have an outside individual working on your problems, you get a new perspective towards the situation. This can be vital in solving the problems in a quick and effective way. Your CFO might be trained to work in a specific financial situation only, but outsourced CFOs often have extra knowledge. As they’ve dealt with different financial problems they know exactly what you need.

3. It’s always good to have a financial soundboard

Having someone to talk to and seek advice feels like you’re secured. Get this security by outsourcing your CFO Services as the team of experts acts as a consultant too!

Today, the competition in the market is high and companies often need financial advice every now and then. Getting a team of experts onboard saves you from lagging behind in the race.

4. Get accurate financial statements  

Outsourcing CFO Services help you get accurate financial information. Accurate financial information shows you the actual position of your business and at times what you need to work on!


When is the right time to outsource CFO services for your business?

At times, hiring a CFO can be a troublesome task. And hiring the wrong one can be disastrous and costly as well. In such cases, outsourcing your CFO services can ease your life and allow you more time to hire the right one.

Here are a few signals when you are looking to hire CFO services

  1. You need more capital in your business
  2. You are working on an important project
  3. Your Cashflow is poorly managed
  4. You are going through a Merger & Acquisition process
  5. You desire higher profitability


Why choose us?

Over the years, CFO Services has provided its outsourced CFO services to clients across varied industrial sectors from all over India. With our office based in Mumbai, we have been able to offer our clients the best Outsourced CFO services in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities with ease. We focus mainly on making business easier for startups, SMEs, and large business enterprises.  

Our team of financial experts is available to serve you at any hour of the day. Our flexible and customizable services prove to be an advantage for you, as you pay for only what you need!

Apart from aiming towards taking your business to new heights, our experts come with the perfect knowledge and expertise to deliver what you need.

Lastly, our outsourced CFO Services gives you the extra time to work on your business by working on your finances prudently.


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